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Thank you for your interest in taking voice lessons with me!   You should know that one of my favorite things about teaching is when my students surprise themselves in a lesson.  When they are suddenly able to do something with their voice that they didn't know they could, that gives me the greatest feeling and it's why I love what I do.  I hope that gives you hope that you can do more than you might think you can :)


Now, I know that embarking on singing lessons is a vulnerable and sometimes terrifying thing for some. But rest assured that no matter what level you are at my concern will be to put your vocal goals first, in a relaxed and comfortable environment while having FUN!

To get you started, DOWNLOAD MY FREE WARM UP GUIDE.  It includes information on how to warm up your voice properly and how to breathe for singing, as well as downloadable exercises for you to sing along to.  

Shari Studio.jpg

This picture is my DREAM LAB where I offer voice lessons.   I hope at some point we'll connect here -either online or in the lab.  

Until we do, you can check out this blog where I'll be posting singing tips to help you along your vocal journey!

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