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Voice Lesson FAQ

What should I expect at my initial lesson?

We will begin by getting acquainted, and getting an understanding of your goals.  I’ll get a vocal/medical history to understand where you are now and if there is anything in your past or medically that should be taken into consideration during our sessions.  Then, I will do a vocal assessment by having you sing a little bit, and based off of what I hear I will give you vocal exercises.  We will finish our lesson with you singing a song of your choice, so come prepared with a song you’d like to work on!


How do online voice lessons work?

I offer lessons on the Zoom platform.  All you need is a strong internet connection, your room temperature water and a separate device to play the backing track of the song you would like to work on.  One of the major differences between an in-person lesson and online lesson is that rather than sing your vocal exercises while I'm playing, I play the chord and then you sing.


What happens at a voice lesson?

At the beginning of your lesson we will chat briefly about how your practicing has been going and address any concerns that have come up since we saw each other last.  We will do a vocal warm up and I will give you vocal exercises based on the initial assessment we had, and your needs that day.  After that, we will have fun diving into your song work and apply the concepts from the vocal exercises.  


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

You can expect to hear an immediate difference in your voice once I do an assessment and give you vocal exercises.  The key will be developing consistency, which will only come from practicing and building the muscle memory on a regular basis.  So that you get the most out of your training, I will provide a recording of your lesson that you can review between lessons.


What style of singing do you specialize in?

I specialize in Pop, R&B and Contemporary singing.  


Do you teach beginners?

Yes!  I teach beginners to advanced singers starting at 8 years old! 

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